Pure Snokeling by Reef Discovery is a snorkeling company based in Bora Bora. During our tours you will be able to discover the marine biodiversity of our lagoon. We try to be as much as we can an "eco snorkeling" company : no feeding, no contact with the species and corals... As we are very concern about the environment. Our guides are all  trained naturalist and will share their knowlegde with you during the tour, giving information about the different species, coral formation and Bora Bora's history. During our excursions, mainly half day tours (about 3.5h to 4h) you will make 4 different stops : manta rays (our specialty), eagle rays, a coral garden and a natural "aquarium'. 
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Mascot "Vik'Ura" representative of the 'Ura - Lori de Kuhl the Austral archipelago:
This species is listed in Category A on the list of protected species by the regulations of French Polynesia. Endemic Eastern Polynesia, the 'Ura is emblematic of Rimatara Island and is
classified as 'endangered' on the International Union's Red List for Conservation of Nature (U.I.C.N.). She is also registered in Annex II of the Washington Convention (in English
International Trade of Endangered Species, C.I.T.E.S.).

David PROIA - Initiator of the concept

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