Legend Telling & Stargazing

Firepit on the motu

Tahitian evening

Leave on the evening for a sunset cruise to admire the last rays of light onthe Pearl of the Pacific, enjoying the ride on one of our signature outriggers, while the sun is disappearing behind the ocean line.
We will smoothly cruise you to a Motu at dusk, where a selection of gourmet appetizers and beverage will be waiting for you till the first stars appear in the Polynesian sky.
Comfortablylying around a wood fire,you will be introduced to the navigational techniques that led the navigators at that time to our “fenua”, to the history of the Polynesian settlements, and hear about the culture, the legends and ancient stories of our people.
*Fancy seeing the sky in all itsglory? Our beach is the perfect setting for stargazing! Once the stars are up in the clear sky, you will view constellations that can only be seen in the Southern Hemisphere. Our telescope will revealthe exceptional beauty of the milky-way, star clusters, and planets… And last but not least, before your romantic evening comes to an end, you will gently be cruised back on a silvery lagoon with the stars shining over you.
* Private tour only
* The stargazing part is variable, depending on the weather.

Polynesian experience

Sunset cruise, fire pit on the motu and back to the times and tales of the polynesian people.



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Legend Telling & Stargazing

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