Frequently asked questions

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- What do you offer during the full day and the half day?
  • For the half-day, we do 3 snorkeling stops, rays / sharks / coral gardens + a stop on a sandbank for a tasting of fruits and coconut bread.
  • For the full day, we offer you the same snorkeling stops as for the half day, then we will take you on a private motu to enjoy a Polynesian buffet and a local show. Then your guide will take you back to your place.
- At what time do you come to pick us up?
  • Our tours start between 8:30 am and 9:30 am, depending on where you are staying
- At what time do we get back?
  • For the half-day, you will be back around 1:30 p.m.
  • For the full day, you will be back around 3:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
- How long does the activity last?
  • The half-day lasts about 4h00
  • The full day lasts about 6h00
- What do you provide on board?
  • We provide masks and tubes (standard), a beach towel per person, and some refreshing drinks (water, juice & sodas)
- What should we take with us?
  • You can bring beach sandals and sun protection.
  • You can also take photos and videos, but everyone is responsible for their own material.
Can we pay for the activity in cash on the day of the tour?
  • Payment must be made before the tour. We will send you a secure payment link by email.
- Is it possible to come and pick us up directly from our place of stay?
  • We can pick you up from your place of stay only if it is accessible by boat. If not, we will pick you up at the nearest pontoon.
- Is the boat accessible? Is it covered?
  • Our boats all have a ladder for launching, benches with cushions, and anti-slip on the ground.
  • They are all covered with an awning that runs the length of the boat
- What is your cancellation policy in the event of bad weather (heavy rain and / or strong wind)?
  • We never force a tour if there is a bad weather, it's not our policy. We give you the choice between postponing the activity to another day, or a full refund of the activity.
  • Keep in mind that the weather in Bora Bora can changes very fast.
- How many people can you accommodate on board?
  • Our boats have a maximum capacity of 12 people on board
- What is your alcohol policy on the tour?
  • For obvious safety issues on board and during snorkeling, any alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited during the tour
- I'm not comfortable in the water, can I still come?
  • Our snorkeling guides are all trained and graduated, so they will be of the greatest help to ensure that you have a great time.
  • We provide life jackets as well as all the equipment necessary for the smooth running of your activity
- What if I'm seasick ...?
  • If you are prone to seasickness, we advise you to make your arrangements before coming for the tour.
- Can a pregnant person take your excursions?
  • If you have permission from your doctor, we have no problem with you taking the tour