Sunset Cruise


Rocked to the sound of the lagoon

Is there anything more romantic than a private sunset cruise on Bora Bora’s lagoon craddled by the notes of a traditional ukulele while admiring the beauty of “The Pearl of the Pacific” .
Your guide will gently cruise you toward “Teavanui” pass to enjoy the last beams of sunlight.
To accompany this perfect moment, champagne, local beer or a traditional rum punch with some “tapas-style” appetizers will be served.

Romantic cruise

During the cruise you will have the full attention of your guide who will serve you and entertain the evening, but also give you the privacy you need.

During these 2 hours, you will feel the loneliest human beings on earth, completely disconnected from reality in the most heavenly place.

As your romantic cruise comes to an end, you will be cruised back to your accomodation with spectacular memories that will last a lifetime.



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Sunset cruise